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5 Mindset Blocks Keeping You From Your Best Self

5 Mindset Blocks Keeping You From Your Best Self

Mindset mastery is vital to your success and sense of well-being.  Below are 5 common mindset blocks that may be getting in your way of being your best self.

#1 Putting Yourself Under Pressure

Chronic stress can lead to feeling like you have to decide between work, friends, or family. That kind of pressure can cause relationships to break a part or become distant. Putting pressure on yourself may seem like the only option at the moment, but it won’t benefit you in the long run. Try to find a work life balance and set boundaries for yourself, so your priorities don’t get pushed to the side.

#2 Overthinking

Overthinking and pressure go hand in hand. When you overthink situations, you can be putting more pressure on yourself to come up with the “best” solution, but you end up being stuck in one recurring loop due to over analyzing. Another negative outcome from overthinking is it limits your personality. This comes from over analyzing what people think about you or even what you think about yourself. For example, when someone says something negative about your work, you might overthink what they are saying and take it as you are no longer good enough for this position which is not the case! Becoming self aware and allowing yourself to reflect on your reactions, know your skills, and have positive thinking, will help you overthink less.

#3 Imposter Syndrome

People usually describe imposter syndrome as a dark figure that intrudes their thoughts making them feel unworthy. Or… at least that’s what it can feel like! Imposter syndrome is when you feel like a fraud or underqualified for a position/role. Many people have experienced imposter syndrome even people in leadership roles, and it always ends up being all in their head. You know what you are capable of and what your skills are and so do the people who support you. Being able to manage your fears and push away the thoughts that like to creep up, especially in stressful moments, will decrease the amount of pressure you put on yourself.

#4 Ignoring Feedback

Not all feedback is good and not all of it is bad. But completely ignoring feedback from employees, friends, family, and others in your life won’t help you grow as an individual. Several people have the mindset that they are who they are and they don’t need to change, but in reality, everyone has room to change and no one is perfect. Change doesn’t mean you have to become a whole new person, it most likely means you need to practice self awareness and realize where you can make improvements that would not only benefit you but also the people who you impact. By listening to other people and noticing your reactions to various situations, you can better prepare yourself for the future.

#5 Not Knowing Your True Self

Knowing yourself can be beneficial to your confidence and to your career. When working with someone who isn’t clear on who they are and what they do, it can become confusing to work with them and mixed messages can come across such as not knowing what they want on a project or how they want to communicate certain tasks and progress. Another thing that can occur from not knowing yourself is you become a chameleon. What this means is you adapt to your surroundings and change your personality and maybe even your appearance to match what you think others are looking for. The problem with this is people can think you lack integrity and you can become uncomfortable in the new persona you have built. Being true to you helps others to make a personal connection with you and to understand your way of thinking and working. It also helps you to feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin.

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