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7 Reasons You Must Have a Vision Statement

7 Reasons You Must Have a Vision Statement

This is the time of year to set up your plan for the coming 12 months. In a world that is filled with distractions, it is easy to get busy and lose sight of what is most important to us. Make this year different and have a vision statement

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Read through the 7 compelling reasons you want to have a vision statement for 2022.

#1 Time

Time is the only resource we cannot replace, so it makes sense to invest your time and not just spend it! The year is going to pass, think about being further along, simply by setting up your roadmap now.

#2 Social Comparisons

Many people spend as much as 40% of their time on social media. While it is great to connect and keep in touch with people all over the globe, when this becomes your social outlet, research has found it leads to unhealthy comparison which leads to crippling self-doubt. When you have your own vision statement and a clear idea of what you want, other people fade in the background, and your focus is on your life and goals.

#3 Accomplish 10X more than anyone else

It is true that when you write down your goals, researchers found that people accomplish much more than the next person. Writing out your vision statement gives you clarity and focus and you will exceed your expectations!

#4 Reduce stress & pressure

When you have a vision statement you essentially choose a direction which means you say yes to some things, and no to others. When you know what is a “no,” all your decisions become easier and there is much less struggle about what to do or not do.

#5 Increases your visibility

Having a vision statement makes you stand out because you are more decisive and clear on the path you are taking. Unfortunately, it is all too common to see people floundering from distractions, boredom, and lack of clarity. With a clear vision, you will have the direction and focus most people envy and wish they had for themselves.

#6 Strengthens your Confidence

Having gone through the vision crafting process deepens your self-awareness and, ultimately, your confidence. Confidence is an asset worth tens of thousands of dollars. Research has found that applicants with greater confidence can garner $20,000 and more in salary, even when they do not have the skills someone less confident has!

#7 Fulfill your purpose

Purpose is the single biggest motivator including status and money. One reason people lose momentum (and hope) is they do not feel they are living a life of purpose. When you have a clear (and compelling) vision statement you are on track to live your purpose.

Read through this article again and think how your day would be different if you had just one of these fulfilled. 

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