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[Infographic] What Could be Draining Your Energy? And How to Avoid Energy Drains

What Could be Draining Your Energy? And How to Avoid Energy Drains

In the digital age, work becomes a battleground for your attention and focus. Knowing how to manage the information flow and identifying energy drains is key.

The frustration from being overloaded are made worse with poor communication, conflict, time management issues, and overloading employees with work that is not theirs to do.  

3 Main Energy Drains

#1 Distractions

One thing will never change – there will always be 24 hours in a day. To get more done requires that one manage the time in your day. One thing that deplete one’s energy is distraction

Having a strategy to manage interruptions will give you more time and increase focus. Put together a plan and use blocks of time to organize when you are doing work and when you are taking a break or meeting with others. Setting up specific times for these activities will minimize interruptions and distractions at work. 

#2 Mindset

How you think about what is happening all around you is the problem or the solution. Believe it or not, it is not what is happening but rather what you tell yourself about what is happening.

Do you have a resilient mindset or status quo?

#3 Drama

Most people can agree that drama is draining. Constantly complaining about the workplace doesn’t help improve it in any way, and gossip and bullying only increase the drama and tension at work.  Having awareness of how one comes across to others and working on skills that improve emotional intelligence and resilience as well as your ability to manage conflict will help you to stay above the drama.  


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