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Challenge: Going for that Promotion.

Challenge: Going for that Promotion.


Wants to go for the promotion but feels uncertain and hesitant to step out of her comfort zone.


Kerrie (not her real name) has been a manager for less than 2 years and wants to move up to Senior Manager. She is well liked but does not usually speak up and is “afraid to rock the boat,” by making her desires known.

Planning is Key

Most people do not plan. And this includes planning their career. This time spent on thinking through your career steps can mean the difference between a retirement that carries you through your life comfortably or not.

Even if you stumbled into your current job or you feel like you are “past that,” it is never too late to plan your next career move. In fact, it is essential you think about your next move and be intentional in your actions.

In the Network

We have a simple checklist that takes you through a complete evaluation helping you prepare, mentally and emotionally for the big ask – the raise – or the promotion.

Dr. Cynthia Howard, Executive Coach for 25 years, takes you through a process that will help you think through your best next steps. You will identify your unique value contributions along with your accomplishments, helping you own them in an authentic way.


And once you have the preparation, it is time to take action. This course and the support in the network will equip you with the tools to maintain your momentum as you take those steps to secure that promotion.

Join the Work Smart Network

Access this training and so much more – all designed to supercharge your leadership. We have a paid membership with courses and tools, all designed to make you shine and stand out. This also gives you access to an exclusive group, facilitated by Work Smart Coaches, so you get that promotion!  The main network is free to join and provides access to the monthly webinars and occasional live events. Click image and join the network – for free – and check it out.


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