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5S: Procedures to Organize Workspace

The 5S course provides the step by step approach to conducting a lean 5S program in your department.

The 5S is a procedure in the Lean toolkit to organize and visualize work. It is an initiative that sets a foundation for continuous improvement. The process is simple yet powerful.

The 5 steps are:

  • Sort
  • Set in Order
  • Shine
  • Standardize
  • Sustain

While this operation is often confused with “cleaning up” the workplace, it is much more than that. It is foundational because it introduces basic habits that set the stage for continuous improvement and optimal performance. The activities involved, when conducted in the systematic way they are presented, builds teams and increases ownership in the work space.

Benefits from a lean 5S program include:

  • Improved safety
  • Increase in quality
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase in agility
  • Improved employee morale
  • Better resource utilization

When the workplace is visual and organized time and energy is not wasted on non-value activities. Resources are optimized, and habits developed that maintain the workflow.

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Course Includes

  • 10 Modules
  • 3 Topics