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The Work Smart Assessment Course

The Work Smart Principle details five key mindsets that keep you energized and focused during this time of acceleration and uncertainty. This course takes you through the assessment of the 5 levers, Capacity, Clarity, Curiosity, Agility and Purpose. 

Dr. Cynthia Howard discovered the work smart principle after working with hundreds of leaders throughout the past two and a half decades. As technology intruded into work and into one’s personal lives, Cynthia discovered a path that empowered people to embrace transition.

The Work Smart Principle details these 5 levers providing strategies for each level.

Work Smart Assessment

This course provides an overview of the 5 levers outlined in the book, The Work Smart Principle. Each of the modules has a Quiz with 5 questions so you can assess yourself on each of the levers.

You have a downloadable PDF with the instructions to evaluate your scores from each of the 5 levers. The book has strategies and suggestions to strengthen the five unique mindsets (levers) that make up the Work Smart Principle.

Leadership Leverage

In the Work Smart Principle, you will learn about leverage. Levers are what give leaders the advantage of increase without the heavy lifting. In today’s world of information overload and acceleration, your energy is physically and mentally drained to the point it becomes an uphill battle to show up at your best. Speeding up to try and catch up makes your daily activities seem irrelevant, sending you off on a goose chase to find meaning and purpose.

Distraction keeps people from showing up at their best and accomplishing what is most meaningful to them.

With distraction, noise, and interruptions as part of everyday life, you need a strategy to stay on track. Handling the unexpected is made easier when you have a “system” to work and live. The Work Smart Principle offers proven strategies to move through uncertainty and acceleration that is the new normal.

When you understand the need to focus and recognize the value of your time, you will leverage your strengths and experience – this is the work smart principle.

About Instructor

Dr. Cynthia

CEO | Founder of The Work Smart Club | Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Committed to unlocking potential and purpose to transform the workplace through inspired leadership!

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Course Includes

  • 7 Modules
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