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EP 03: Getting Unstuck

EP 03: Getting Unstuck

Of the dismal percentage of people who make resolutions, very few actually keep them. So many of us, post-Covid, feel like we’ve lost our ambition, and that, paired with the endless distractions of the digital age, leaves us with a warped perception of ourselves and the world.

We get stuck in our primitive brain stress responses and go through life on autopilot, forgetting to reflect on our through-vision. In this episode, we tackle what you can do today to put an end to the pattern of distraction and busyness without actually advancing your agenda.

If you’re feeling stuck, this is the solution for you to get out of that rut once and for all!

Tune in to find out how to clear the resistance, step out of your comfort zone, and change your perception. If you clear the weeds, you’ll make space to sow the seeds for your vision to flourish!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The dangers of lingering habits post-lockdown and the importance of recognizing them.
  • What it boils down to when we are busy but aren’t advancing our agenda.
  • What perception is and how we can actively change our perception of things.
  • The scientific benefits of gratitude practices.
  • How our primitive brain gets triggered in a stress reaction.
  • The link between the emotional brain and the primitive brain.
  • How distraction breeds susceptibility to emotional hijacking.
  • How our perception gets skewed when our emotions take charge.
  • How we are literally overloaded with information in the digital age!
  • Why emotional intelligence is so valuable.
  • The fascinating etymology of ‘perception’ and how it becomes our reality.
  • The number one characteristic of successful people: self-awareness.
  • Why it’s important to have a vision for the year.
  • What mindful attention is and why it’s important to be present.
  • Why it’s important to ask questions and clarify assumptions.
  • Active steps to get out of a rut!
  • What the ‘daily review’ and ‘year in review’ activities involve.

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