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EP 18: Burnout is the New Normal. Let’s Get Real

EP 18: Burnout is the New Normal. Let's Get Real

The subject of burnout has been ignored for far too long, and it is something that we as a society and as separate workplaces, can no longer overlook. The reality is that burnout has become normalized to a massive degree, and feelings of exhaustion and disengagement are commonplace in today’s professional environments.

This episode of the Work Smart Club is all about how to get clear and turn this trend around! We look at the four biggest needs of employees, and how we should be structuring jobs around these to keep the workplace a happy and healthy space. The ideas of boundaries and expectations are also covered before diving into some activities and tactics for transcending common hurdles we face in companies.

Whether or not the majority of managers want to face it, there are significant consequences to trying to lead a burned-out workforce, and the sooner we all get real about identifying and changing the circumstances that cause these problems, the better for everyone!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What burnout does to your relationships, energy levels, and professional performance. 
  • Common experiences in the digital age; the blurred line between work and home life.
  • Feelings of belonging and manager-relations; how these influence the extent to which a company can retain employees. 
  • Workload and success; considering factors such as distractions and expectations.
  • Thoughts on managing a burned-out team and the compounding issue of manager burnout!
  • Quality work and progress; why these are so important to employees. 
  • Rethinking our standards around digital communication.  
  • The power of job analysis and refining a job description for everyone’s benefit.  
  • Examples of how situations of overwork and overwhelm can lead to difficulties in the workplace.   
  • Choices about self-care and enablement; when to speak up!
  • Where to start with the process of reformulating our thinking about burnout. 

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