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Copy of What is Mindful Attention?

Attention is made up of the 3 “networks” that enable you to focus, plan and make sense of what is going on around you – this awareness makes you more impactful.

Your ability to pay attention is a process of taking in, sorting and shaping, planning, and ultimately making decisions about our world.

3 Levels of Attention

The 1st level of attention is “focus,” this is our deliberate orientation – your intentional effort and where you place your attention. This is challenging today as people are addicted to scrolling through headlines.

Level #2 is awareness; this is our sensitivity to our environment. It is amazing that things that are stationary and unchanging ultimately become unseen because we lose awareness. This is what happens with distraction, we become reactive. (The topic, How Do I Know if I am Mindful?, describes the 5 dimensions of being mindful. Awareness is one.)

Level #3 is executive control; this is our ability to plan. It is what happens next. It is a top down ability to draw on the sensory cues coming as a result of what is happening all around you and to put them in perspective. Once you develop the ability to focus – to hold your attention and to be aware – you can now do something with that information.

Mindful Attention Reflection

Go through the statements and unlock your curiosity around mindful attention.