Change. Pressure. Demands. Are You Frustrated, Without an End in sight?

Ambitious and intelligent leaders are looking for answers. With all that is going on today, you may be wondering …

Is Burnout Inevitable?

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Beyond Burnout

Did you know the majority of leaders burnout within 18 months?

This is staggering; the ripple effect of unchecked stress dramatically influences one’s future potential, including suppressing earnings, satisfaction, and well-being. 

Is burnout inevitable? That depends.

Burnout happens when you ignore your internal cues. If your default mode is to push through and ignore what your heart, mind, and body are telling you, you will eventually burn out.

Keep reading, we have alternative strategies for you! 

There is another way.

Without a strategy, burnout becomes the “new normal.” When your focus is always “out there,” what is happening within you goes unnoticed until you crash.

Stress is a word that means something different to everyone. It is used for anything in life that does not go well, which makes it difficult to manage.

What if you could tap into a hidden asset that could carry you through the tough times? 

Burnout has a ripple affect

When stretched, without relief in sight, your family, friends, and, even your work group, can feel the impact.  Emotions, chaos, and confusion are contagious!

Energy ⇒ Exhaustion

Engagement ⇒ Cynicism

Effectiveness ⇒ Resistance

In the past, You may have told yourself

… why bother – I can’t change my work situation!

When you feel powerless, your actions reflect that, and this is when people give up on their future.


We invite you to this on-demand course with live coaching over a 6-week period to learn proven tools that are used by successful people all over the world. 

We include a 45-day plan, guaranteed to work – when you follow the steps.

Course, Training & Live CoachingTransform Your Reaction to StressDevelop your

what Others Are Saying...

Sabine Brandt
Sabine BrandtAgile Coach
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I was able to use one of the techniques immediately. It had an amazing impact in my meeting. Working with Dr. Howard helped me to change my reaction to certain people.
Kristine Braughler
Kristine Braughler MBA, Regional Sales
Read More
At some point in my job, I hit a wall. I did not like feeling so sluggish. I took this course and learned to get out from under that pressure. Having these tools, I am motivated again.

What is Included

Act now! Protect Your Future!

  • Book, 100 pages: Beyond Burnout: Reclaim Your Energy. Reboot your Attention. Physical copy (Value $20)
  • 45-Day Journal, outlining daily activities to be completed in 15 minutes each day, physical copy ($25)
  • On Demand Course, 16 modules, Lifetime Access (Value $295)
  • 16 Modules with Video and Handouts

    3 Stages of Burnout

    Stress Check

    Fatigue and It’s Cousins

    Emotional Agility

    Deliberate Breathing

    Heart Centered Solution

    Shift Emotions Quickly

    Manage Your Energy (Not Your Time)

    Clear Internal Clutter

    The Drama Conversation (and what to do instead)

    The Network of Attention

    Attention Reboot

    45 Day Journal

    What Does God Say about Burnout?

    Breakthrough Ideas (Next Steps)

  • Weekly Group (6), live, for discussion and coaching (Value $1200)
  • The groups are held via Zoom and the date/time is selected with each group.

  • Bonuses: (Value $225)
  • Beautiful Red Journal Collect your insights and wisdom (Value $25)
  • Work Smart Journal, Blank

  • Aromatherapy Diffuser with Essential Oils Change your environment and your tension with natural, fragrant essential oils (Value $199)
  • These essential oil diffusers are beautiful, easy to set up, and will transform your environment with the therapeutic power of essential oils.

  • Essential Oils, Lavendar & Peppermint, Therapeutic grade Relax your body. Energize your mind! (Value $39)
  • These essential oil diffusers are beautiful, easy to set up, and will transform your environment with the therapeutic power of essential oils.


  • Tools and strategies you need to get beyond burnout and reclaim your future! PRICELESS
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Value over $1400

What You Will Learn

3 Stages of Burnout

Learn about the distinct stages of burnout. Access the Stress Log and find out what stage you are in.

Stress Check

Watch a short video outlining the physical consequences of stress.
Use a checklist to tune into your body.

Fatigue and It’s Cousins

Learn about decision fatigue and other ways chronic stress sabotages your best performance. Learn strategies to combat fatigue.

Emotional Agility

Learn the natural flow of emotions and what happens when they get stuck. This is the foundation of self-awareness. This module offers three powerful strategies that transform the stress reaction.

  • Deliberate Breathing
  • Heart Centered Solution
  • Shift Emotions Quickly

Manage Your Energy (Not Your Time)

Your energy is a better indicator of your capacity than time. Learn what drains your energy and how to plug the leaks. This module includes The Drama Conversation, which will equip you to handle problematic interactions in the workplace (and at home).

  • Clear Internal Clutter
  • The Drama Conversation (and what to do instead)

The Network of Attention

The mind and the ability to focus are under attack. This module explains how attention is hardwired and offers strategies to focus, including the one-minute attention hack, The Attention Reboot.

45 Day Journal

This module reviews the 45-day journal, which comes with daily prompts and activities to calm your reaction to stressful events.

What Does God Say about Burnout?

The world is noisy and distracting. Knowing what God says is the best way to ground yourself in truth. We provide scriptures to support your daily habit of focus.

Breakthrough Ideas (Next Steps)

Learning without an Action Plan is not helpful. We show you how to apply several of the 101 Breakthrough ideas from your book.


Beautiful red leather like journal and pen, lined paper, ribbon and envelope in back to save cards or notes. Capture your thoughts and ideas and see how journaling can transform perspective.

Beyond Burnout

Beyond Burnout

Book and Journal that follows the course material.

EO Diffuser

This sleek and modern aromatherapy diffuser pulls EO right from the bottle, transforming your environment with beautiful fragrance and healing energy.

Access to The Work Smart Club, our exclusive network, for your 6 weeks of coaching sessions.

Stephanie PettaDirector of Marketing
Read More
Dr. Howard is the real deal. She knows what she is talking about.This changed how I thought about stress.
Kathi SerrieRN, MSN
Read More
Take the course! I learned how to stop myself from over-reacting.
Leslie T.Director of Operations
Read More
I was losing my hair, felt tired and was ready to quit my job. And then I took this course and worked with Dr. Howard. It saved my career.

Time is the only resource we cannot get more of …

You cannot get back time. ACT NOW! Invest in you and your future.
Don’t just spend your time, INVEST IT & join our group!

Your Host: Executive Coach & Resilience Expert

Cynthia Howard RN, PhD, LSSBB

I have worked with hundreds of leaders and I want to work with you! As an executive coach, I have seen the personal damage that burnout causes. I have a system and proven solution that will help you breakthrough and get beyond the struggle. Join me in this amazing program and get started on your 45-day plan!

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