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Develop your EI. Be an Amazing Leader.

21 Practical Emotional Intelligence Exercises (PDF & Online Course) to Increase Emotional Awareness and Agility.

Use these with your team or yourself and develop EI skills that will improve communication and strengthen your impact and influence.

This pack contains the highest-rated emotional intelligence tools that can be used personally, or with your staff. 

These tools will help you experience breakthrough moments in your personal and professional life as you develop emotional effectiveness, one of the most highly sought after skills professionally. 


21 Essential Tools for More Effective Leadership ...

This package includes 21 practical tools covering a wide range of emotional intelligence skills including:

identifying your emotions | expressing emotions | being flexible with emotions | over and under control | how emotions are wired in the brain and more
All tools are rooted in science, are practical and easy to follow. Each tool begins with an Introduction and includes sections on Goals, Tips, Instructions and De-Brief. The exercises are part of a course that includes additional video and audio. We add in 1 month membership to our premier network for live Q&A and coaching.

Advantage #1 Science-based

Master proven methods to increase your mental well-being, and increasing the trust of the people you work with.

Advantage #2 Proven impact

Extend your impact with strong emotional intelligence by applying the (EI) concepts with practical tools and interventions.

Advantage #3 Increase Your Agility

Using these tools increases your EI skills and positions you as an effective leader amidst uncertainty and change. 

You Will Be Equipped.
Look What is Included in this package:

…plus 12 more amazing tools & 1 month membership in our premier network!

Practical, proven, each takes 15 minutes. Life changing. Transform your leadership impact!

I am such a firm believer in coaching; it helps you see blind spots ... In less than two months of coaching, I started a new position because she stretched me to develop and implement achievable goals. I think differently about myself and what is possible. She is exactly what I needed when I needed it.
Amanda Milligan
Every Coach working with high achievers needs their own Coach and Cynthia has been that Coach for me. Her clinical expertise combined with her knowledge of behavior and how we learn and change has been a true asset to me. My confidence has skyrocketed and working with Cynthia to break through my barriers has expanded my potential. It has been a worthy investment.
Sabine Brandt
Agile Coach
I started working with Cynthia because of the intense stress I was experiencing. She shifted my perspective and helped me see that how I view what is happening around me is critical to the outcome. I was ready to quit a lucrative position and she helped me see the possibility.
Stephanie Petta
Director of Marketing

Develop Yourself & Your Team!

1.) Get this 21 Pack of EI Exercises
2.) Access our premier online network and get YOUR questions answered!
3.) Transform Your Leadership
+ Enjoy Special Bonuses

Price: $129 USD

This is easily valued at $395. Take advantage of this great offer.

Get these Power Packed Bonuses...

Overview of Emotional Intelligence (PDF)

Need a quick refresher on emotional intelligence to complement your new collection of EI tools?

This 32-page PDF booklet explains core emotional intelligence concepts, including the four key EI skills that are essential to mastering emotions. Gain new insights about what EI is and why it is so important to your success as a leader. 

Online Network PLUS 100 Day Roadmap.

Ensure you and your team understands the concepts and knows how to apply them in real time. In the online group and network, your team can ask questions. The 100 day plan provides the framework for goals and milestones so you can monitor progress. Enjoy the micro-training video on using the 100 day map and the online network for virtual coaching on putting it in action. 

About the author

Executive Coach | Performance Expert

Dr. Cynthia Howard has worked with thousands of leaders, professionals and business owners and recognized the unique challenges leaders have in managing, inspiring, and engaging their teams. Laser focused on results, Dr. Howard expands potential and perspective of leaders and their teams.

Black Belt Lean Sigma, CSM, Certified Scrum Master, Fellow in AIS, Licensed Trainer Heartmath, NSA member.

… you’ve been a such a positive influence in my life and I just wanted to thank you for your mentor ship and all that you did for me.
Pragati Adhikari
Working with Dr. Howard boosted my leadership confidence. Learning about my strengths helped me recognize I was making a unique contribution. Coaching is an investment into me and with it I was able to go for that promotion.
Colette Foisey-Doll
RB, BSN, MSN, Director of Simulation
Running my business is challenging and Cynthia helped me streamline my workflow so that I was not wasting my time. The consultation was so valuable.
Wendy Warman
MS, Entrepreneur