Transform Work. Make Gratitude a Strategy.

Everyday Gratitude Toolkit

Use this toolkit with your team or yourself and transform attitudes and relationships at work. Gratitude has subtle but powerful reactions that ripple throughout the people in your department. 

The toolkit gives you everything you need to establish gratitude as a habit.    

These tools will help you experience breakthrough moments in your personal and professional life as you develop an everyday practice of gratitude. 
You get the entire bundle AND the 12 module course.


One month membership in our premier network with live events, live Q&A, additional resources and the support you want as you try out this strategy for you personally or your team at work.

$129 For a Short Time ONLY!!! $29 

This includes the entire bundle, journal, pen, book, Grati-slips & course!

You Will Receive Book, Journal & Grati-slips ...

In addition to the online course you will receive this beautiful journal and 4x 6 book. In 106 pages you will learn a bit of research and a ton of ideas, along with the word of God to make your life better at work!

We also send you a metallic blue pen and a pad of Grati-slips so people can write down what they are grateful for… we have a fun exercise in the course! The Grati-slips makes the exercise very special.


$129 For a Short Time ONLY!!! $29 

Life is Better with Gratitude.
Look What is Included in this package:

Use these practical, proven, gratitude strategies… in less than 15 minutes a day.

Transform your teams!

This was a fun toolkit. I got it for myself and my team and we ended up getting closer.
We used this as a gift for our leadership team. We are making 'everyday gratitude' part of our culture.
This was helpful for me personally. This toolkit helped me focus. I love having scriptures to encourage me.
Business Owner

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