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The Stress Course

Stress Management for Busy Managers

The Stress Course

Learn to manage your stress. As a manager it is essential you manage your internal reactions, because people are looking to you for guidance. You set the tone in your department. 

We offer online management training in the Work Smart Club – our Center for Work and Well-being. Turn your devices into a learning hub!

Stress and pressure are expected in the workplace. As demands increase it is easy to fall into the trap of over-reacting. While stress is expected, how you handle it, is what matters.  

Do you have a plan to manage your stress reaction?


We are hardwired for survival. The brain reaction short circuits optimal performance unless you have a plan in place to identify your stress triggers and choose another way to respond.

Science shows that even a small stress reaction of about 6 minutes, can cause an ongoing reaction in the body of 6 hours! It is this surge of cortisol and other hormones that cause the health risks.

Dealing with stress – in the moment – is the best practice today, in order to shut down the toxic surge of hormones. Waiting for the weekend, or Yoga class or a vacation, to manage the stress reaction, is waiting too long.

This course gives you amazing and proven tools to rewire your stress reaction! 

In this Toolkit you will learn:


I learned so much in this course. I was having physical symptoms because of the pressure I was under. I learned that I could control my reaction and that I did not have to let stress control me. Take this course!
Stephanie P.
Director of Marketing

What's Included in The Stress Course

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Stay energized!

Dr. Cynthia Howard
Executive Coach & Performance Consultant
CEO, Work Smart Club