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[Audio] Meditation Library

Breakthrough Blocks with a Relaxed mind

Welcome to the Audio Library. The collection of audio are designed to reset the frantic mind and emotions. When your mind is clear and relaxed you are more creative and able to access more of your brain! Download the audios to your phone so you have them on the go! 

To Get Started

  • We suggest when listening to these audios that you sit in a comfortable chair with your feet on the floor, unless you are using one of them to help you sleep. The reason is people tend to fall asleep! And even though you will receive benefit, it is ideal when you can access your theta waves, the state just prior to sleep.

  • Wear headphones whenever possible. Breathe more slowly and deeply than normal to help your body release tension, and let all your thoughts drift out of your mind.

  • Give yourself 5 minutes after the meditation to write about your experience and any insights you may have had.

  • Listen to these in a place where you will not be disturbed. Do NOT drive while listening.

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