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People Scorecard (1 of 4)

This is the People Scorecard, a brief assessment to understand your culture. Your results are submitted to our confidential database and will be part of the dashboard/report we create for you.

People Scorecard

Mindset: Rate your team’s mindset around direction and focus.

What is your turnover number?

In the past 2 years has it:

Do you have vacant positions that have been difficult to fill?

Do you have a coaching program for leaders?

Briefly describe your coaching program.

What impact has the coaching program had on your department’s performance? Check all that apply.

Briefly describe your Performance Review Process.

Rate how well it works to motivate and engage your staff using a 1 to 10 scale. 10, Very Motivated ,to 1, Not at All.

How often do you hold "Chats" or Town Halls to listen to your employees?

How often do you hold Staff Meetings?

Do you have a suggestion box for new ideas?

How many new ideas do you receive per month?

Do you have planned professional development?

Are the offerings:

Do you calculate an ROI from these activities?

List one goal you want to achieve through the planned professional development activities.

After you submit your results you will be directed to the second assessment, Process Scorecard.