105 Tips Book


105 quick tips to ground you in a productive strategy. This 113-page 4×6 book is handy and easy to read with tips on working smart.





Distraction is normal, and this book can provide a very quick tip to ground you and your team in a productive mode. The 4×6, easy-to-carry, 113-page book has 105 powerful tips for working smart and thinking differently. Working smart is more than a cliché, it is a strategy. Your time is the only resource you can’t replace and this little book is packed with strategies to invest your time and not just spend it!

Ways to Use this Book

  • Makes a great gift for your team
  • Use in staff meetings
  • As part of a push toward excellence
  • Use to motivate your team in the morning huddle
  • Have each team member implement a tip and talk about how it helped them

This is a great resource you can continue to refer to with evergreen tips and strategies.