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Are You Type A? 5 Signs You Are.

Type A is short for the driven person who is usually in a rush, often coming across as aggressive and short tempered. Type A’s are usually

  • ambitious
  • perfectionists
  • always in the process of ‘getting it done’
  • oblivious of how they come off to others

To a “type A” personality, results matter and people are secondary.  There can be a trail of hurt feelings and offended people in the wake of a Type A leader.

Type A’s have a higher risk of physical disease like heart disease and high blood pressure.

According to them, they are better at achieving their goals, because they appear industrious, busy, “moving and shaking,” However, this is not always the case. Being busy, rushing doesn’t always translate into the desired outcomes you are seeking. (Just think about the last time you rushed through something.). There is a better way to accomplish amazing goals.

5 Signs You are Type A

#1 Cannot stand waiting – for anything.

Type A’s are notorious for rushing and always feeling a time crunch. This is is also the function of being highly distracted. If waiting is torture then read on, I have a way around it!

#2 Work is more important than relationships.

Having high expectations and ambitious goals, it is easy to see why Type A’s may put work before relationships. I am not saying relationships do not matter, just the opposite, they matter alot to Type A. When a Type A focuses on their relationship they can amp up the pressure destroying the spontaneity necessary to balance a healthy relationship. Work is a natural place to pursue their goals. And the reward can be huge for workaholic behavior. Until.

#3 You talk over people or interrupt.

There is an innate gap in the speed of talking, listening and thinking.  We talk slower than we listen (175 words to listening at 250), and we think at a top rate of 3000 words per minute.  Wow. When you want to get something done, you may not feel you have the time to listen.

#4 Your favorite saying, “People are stupid.”

Type A’s are not always hostile but their drive, desire to use their time wisely, impatience with anyone who does not move at their speed, along with high energy levels can definitely come across that way. Taking the time to think or process is not likely to be tolerated by Type A’s and in the rush to move on, people may get labeled.

#5 You care. Alot. (It is really over -care.)

If you are stressed and anxious more often than others, it may be due to your inability to balance staying on top of everything with assuming respon­sibili­ty for everyone’s job.

If you saw yourself in the above checklist, then read on to shift out of this vicious cycle.

4 Proven Ways to Transform A into Awesome

Type A’s are proud of their drive and accomplishment. And this is a good thing. It is not that you want to achieve, it is how you go about that achievement.

Many who are “recovering” from Type A will tell you, they loved the rush from the busyness, until – the wall.

You do not have to lower your standards or give up on excellence or on the expectations for achievement. The following suggestions are micro actions that will sustain you through challenges for the long road to your success.

It is time to enjoy life more, after all, you are not working to work but to live.

Our suggestions start out basic and when consistently applied, have the power to transform your day.

1.) Pray. Start your day with God.

Make God first and foremost. When you do this, you will receive divine insights and revelation helping you with everyday work. you will notice increased creativity and a relaxed mind.

2.) BREATHE. On purpose.

Yes, our body does this very well, except when the stress reaction is triggered. And this  is part of the Type A cycle with the sense of urgency, over care and the push to do more. you want to breathe on purpose. Check out this article

3.) Use gratitude to shift out of the survival instinct of the stress reaction.

Gratitude is an amazing experience. It is an emotion, an attitude and a coping mechanism. When you make gratitude a habit, you increase awareness and notice the good things that are happening in your life. You appreciate others and shift your focus from yourself to someone else. This by itself can be a powerful shift, especially, for a Type A, who tends toward perfectionism.

4.) Move. Every 90 minutes.

Bodies are designed to move. In the workday, you may be stuck behind a computer screen and lose touch with your body and any tension that may have built up.  Every 90 minutes, stand up, stretch, run or dance in place for about 90 seconds. Release the tension, clear your mind. Sip some water and resume your work. You may find you are more relaxed.

Being Type A is not the only way to be your best – it is one way! Make a decision to shift your mindset and learn to .

Learn to Work Smarter Not Harder!

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