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Welcome to the Work Smart Club where you will find tools to develop your leadership, strategies to power up your influence and the support and inspiration to live your best life. This includes maximizing your income and your personal satisfaction. Start your journey RIGHT NOW and be the kind of leader others look up to – we are standing by to guide you on your journey!

It is time to LEVERAGE your Leadership

A few of our resources for leaders to be more effective and advance their career.

Leverage for a Full life

The Work SMart Club Difference

We built you this resource center with the tools you need to excel in your career and live a successful life. Premium content, experts, coaching, available on-demand and live – all grounded in words of faith to support your breakthrough from self-imposed ceilings to getting ahead and living your best life.

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The fixed mental attitude that predetermines one’s responses. Adopt a winning mindset and focus.

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No one is going to fix the problem or rescue you. We help you define your WHY and sustain your effort.

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Are you consistently advancing or starting and stopping? You will stay in forward motion with the support.


One of our courses is, Mastering Transition: The 100 Day Toolkit.

Work Smart: Value Contribution

Your Future

Do you have a plan for your future? Or maybe you just got promoted and want to make the BEST impression in your first 100 days? Our resources including the premium courses, coaching and support, are designed to propel you to success. As a result of membership you will have:

Work Smart: time

You CAnnot Get More Time

We cannot get more time, once it is spent, it is gone. Yet time is wasted every day from information overload, lack of clarity and focus, from being stressed out, not prioritizing or setting limits. Every time you put out other people’s fires, it drains your TIME. 

The Club & Network is filled with resources, support and reminders to stay focused and energized so you accomplish more than you thought possible.

Work Smart: Focus

Distraction is Deadly

We live and work in the digital age. It is the age of distraction. And despite great advantages of technology, what is not so well known, are the dangers of distraction, like increased irritability, forgetfulness, loss of focus and concentration. These chew up time and your energy, so instead of moving ahead you end up spinning your wheels.  

The network will help you focus on your most important goals and fuel your inspiration, so you consistently achieve success.