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Change does not happen because of what you know… it is the application of what you know that produces transformation.

Work Smart Consulting unleashes the potential in leaders and the workplace. We equip and empower your leaders and teams to work smart – because the world needs leaders that think differently about work!

Using our proven 3 step process, assessment, coaching and team development (A.C.T.), we combine the tools in lean six sigma to equip you and your teams for the unexpected. 

Mission & Vision

Purpose: To transform the workplace through inspired leadership.  

Mission: We unlock potential in the workplace, creating a culture of excellence through innovative leadership. 

Vision: The workplace is driven by progress and success.   

Values: Faith. We bring the spirit of excellence to all we do. Focus. Have confidence in the process, no distractions or delays. Vision. We break through the status quo.

Work Smart High Performance Principle

Working smart is focused effort that positively influences the world around you.

We keep the focus on four main areas: People, Process, Progress and Purpose.  


Are the right people doing the right things? When responsibilities change, are people growing with the changes?


Do you have a system of core processes that everyone follows? Or are there work arounds and compromises to strategy?


Do you have accountability built into your process, so you move ahead? Do you have people who own their share of the outcome?


Without a clear vision people disengage and you lose momentum.

We Respect Time.

Time is the only resource you cannot get more of – we are here to help leaders like you invest your time to achieve consistent outcomes.

Cynthia Howard RN, PhD, LSSBB

Executive Coach | Performance Expert

Dr. Cynthia Howard has worked with thousands of leaders, professionals and business owners and recognized the unique challenges leaders have in managing, inspiring, and engaging their teams. Laser focused on results, Dr. Howard expands potential and perspective of leaders and their teams.

Black Belt Lean Sigma, CSM, Certified Scrum Master, Fellow in AIS, Licensed Trainer & Provider Heartmath, NSA member.

Expert on Forbes Council, Executive Coach volunteer for Sykes School of Business, University of Tampa.


David Greco, MBA, MBB

Experienced expert in elevating performance in P&L, supply chain, quality and high-tech multi-facility operations. Certified Master Black Belt.

Angela Hemans, BA

Director of Community Engagement

Experienced leader in digital communication and building community.

Books Written by Dr. Howard:


These books are the basis for courses in the Work Smart Club and can be provided to your teams. Use these at retreats, quarterly book study or, annual professional development.

The books provides actionable tips your leaders can use – right now!. They make great gifts for your leadership team.  

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