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As a leader, you wanted to make a difference in your world, but the busyness of each day may have distracted you from your purpose. You do not have to settle for spinning your wheels or exhaustion, use the 5 levers from the work smart principle, and set up your roadmap ahead! 

The Work Smart Principle presents a system to handle uncertainty, acceleration, change and all the challenges that go with it. When the world pushes, you need a strategy. The Work Smart Principle is that strategy.

It is time to think differently about you and your future.

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Buy the book from us and get the Work Smart Assessment Course. This is a $39 value and gives you a great overview of how you are doing in each of the 5 areas.

The Work Smart Principle explains the importance of cultivating certain mindsets in achieving one's goals with greater efficiency, focus, and purpose. The many simple and practical exercises provided in the guide get the reader started in cultivating the key mindsets.

 Although the book is primarily targeted toward leaders, the basic ideas, tips, and exercises apply equally well to clarifying and achieving one's personal goals while feeling happier and less stressed. Anyone who is serious about living and working in a more purposeful way with less distraction and overwhelm should consider reading this book.

Cheryl Brown, PhD

Yale Professor

Dr. Cynthia Howard discovered the work smart principle after working with hundreds of leaders throughout the past two and a half decades. As technology intrudes into work and into our personal lives, Cynthia found that people who learned to embrace transition were the most successful. They intuitively were operating under these principles. She broke the principles into 5 unique areas called levers. The book outlines these levers and provides helpful and practical tips for each.

When you understand the need to focus and the value of your time, you begin to leverage your strengths and experience. This is because you stop the distraction that keeps people from showing up at their best and accomplishing what is most meaningful to them. 

This book helps you apply the principles to  “work smart!”  Get the book and you will learn about the following:

Keep in mind: You cannot create a successful future with the same mindset that created your past.  It is time to think differently about the problems that show up. This is at the core of working smart.

Dr. Cynthia Howard

Dr. Cynthia Howard

Executive Coach |  Performance Consultant

Cynthia has worked with scores of leaders and understands the challenges of leading and living in the digital age. She has coached thousands of leaders, helping them breakthrough their ceilings and barriers. A nurse, psychologist and black belt in lean six sigma, who loves Jesus, Cynthia combines her laser focus, work ethic and faith for genius problem solving. Cynthia works with individuals and organizations who want to make a difference in the world around them. 

The Work Smart Principle was developed after working with scores of clients who wanted to make a difference in their role as leader, but ended up stuck in status quo mindset.  Cynthia set up the work smart roadmap for leaders who want to flourish despite the uncertainty.

Dr. Cynthia Howard