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Case Study: Priorities and Planning

Case Study: Priorities and Planning


Trouble setting priorities and planning across multiple outpatient clinics. Each of her managers had their own system. 


100 Day roadmap, standardized management 

As Director, this client was struggling to keep up with her many locations and their various challenges. We used this 100 day roadmap, in a spreadsheet form, and she quickly saw patterns emerge with challenges, needs, and roadblocks.   

Her managers at each of the locations had backlogs because they had not planned for the unexpected. 

Innovation Lab

One 4 hour session to map out the patient flow and set up the plans for the identified challenges including staff call outs. As a result of the process mapping her team also identified several areas in which they can improve and have set up a rapid improvement process [kaizen events] so they can continue to make progress. They included clutter in the workspace, communication breakdowns, and wasted time waiting. 

4 week update

Using the rapid improvement process (kaizen) the managers were able to de-clutter the department, reduce calls for transport equipment, improve appearance

Control measure

Appoint a rotating unit member as accountable for department appearance. Weekly checklists filed & conducted by the Team Leader. This increased the “buy-in” of the new process because they all were responsible for monitoring it.

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