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New Manager Toolkit

Congratulations on your promotion! Managers have a tremendous impact on the people they lead. This course prepares you to be your best.   

Are You Ready?

Managers set the tone for the employee experience.

How managers interact with their team will shape the organization’s culture. Managers need training at this level to be successful. And, there is a critical transition that has to be made from staff to manager.

Making the Transition to Manager

This course goes into detail on the 5 keys to a successful transition.

  • Key #1 Organize to Learn
  • Key #2 Manage Your Energy
  • Key #3 Focus
  • Key #4 Support Your Team
  • Key #5 Build Your Network

We also cover setting goals, priorities, and delegating, skills every great manager needs.

100 Day Roadmap

We include a roadmap laying out milestones over a 100-day period so you complete this training promptly.

Bonus Courses

As part of the New Manager Toolkit, you can access a course bundle.

  • What Great Managers Do Differently
  • Setting Goals that Stick
  • Delegation Toolkit
  • The Confidence Course
  • Planning & Priorities
  • Assertiveness Toolkit
  • Managing Expectations
  • Managing Energy and Not Time
  • Change Management Tools

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We create and deliver content for the members of The Work Smart Club library and network. We are committed to supporting you in your career. Be the best leader you can be.

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Course Includes

  • 10 Modules
  • 9 Topics