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EP 37: 4 Key Leadership Perspectives that Transform How You Show Up

EP 37: 4 Key Leadership Perspectives that Transform How You Show Up

Your perspective is guaranteed to influence how you approach situations. In this episode, Dr. Cynthia Howard comments on the four core perspectives any leader needs, regardless of where you are on the company ladder.

We discuss the impact of our early life experiences, our shifts in perspective, and how this all connects when you try and leverage your leadership.

Dr. Howard goes on to define leadership, what leadership means to her, and the attributes a good leader holds, as well as the four key perspectives: mindset, organization, balance, and process perspective.

Plus, she talks about looking forward to the future, managing the all-time high levels of distraction, checking in with yourself by doing a perspective inventory, and more. Tune in to hear why perspective is the biggest factor contributing to a leader’s success!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Dr. Howard defines leadership: vision, modeling, encouraging change, and focus.
  • Factors to consider when developing your leadership skills.
  • Consistency: the biggest factor towards success. 
  • The importance of good people skills.
  • Four key perspectives: competency, organization, balance, and process. 
  • What competency means within a business.
  • A system-wide view as a method of organization.
  • How communication differs in specific situations and business settings.
  • What it means to have balance, why it is a critical skill, and the different areas it is necessary.
  • Why you need consistent, quality processes in place.

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