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First 100 Days as a Manager

Make your 100 Days Successful as a Manager

The first 100 days is when you can make your best impression. We have laid out a roadmap for you, so you can calmly navigate the many challenges you might face.

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Congratulations! You have gotten your promotion and you are in a position you have always wanted.

Now what?

The first 100 days can be confusing and stressful. Very often new managers develop habits that do not serve them as they continue in this role.

This course is a roadmap taking you through the many challenges managers face. You will have a strategy and a plan.

We understand the dilemma New Managers have and set up this toolkit to give you a roadmap for your first 100 days. 

In this Toolkit you will learn:


Having this course helped me prepare for my new position. I took this before I got my position and was ready to navigate my new role!
Marcia K.

What's Included in the 'First 100 Days' Toolkit

BONUS: Daily Priority Planner & 100 Day Map. Both will help you organize your time and your mind to focus on the most important work. 

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Stay energized!

Dr. Cynthia Howard
Executive Coach & Performance Consultant
CEO, Work Smart Club