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2 Steps to Powerful Mornings

2 Steps to Powerful Mornings

How you start your day sets the tone for your entire day. You really cannot make up for getting off to a sluggish or rushed start.

Here are 2 steps to power mornings. 

Step # 1 Plan Ahead

Start the night before

Give yourself 15 minutes, the evening before, and think through your day, making a list of what you want to accomplish.  Use a timer so you only spend a short amount of time. Thinking through your day the night before you can save precious time.

Make decisions about those things you can can like scheduling in time for your emails, meetings, even lunch. Prepare your wardrobe the evening before.

If there is a pressing issue, rather than ruminate about it, jot down important bullets and a short sentence of an ideal outcome, then close your notebook (or app) and don’t think about it until the next day. Overthinking ruins just about everything!

By doing things the night before you are putting into action a principle critical in this digital age: 

Manage your energy, not your time.

This is one of the most important shifts to make as you think about time. We all have 24 hours in a day. It is fixed and finite. What is under our control is the energy you have to make that time the most productive.

Step #2 Prioritize

Start your day with what is most important vs most urgent

The way you get up and out of bed and what you focus on next is a critical step to a powerful morning.

Since phones are often alarm clocks, do you grab your phone and look at your email first thing in the am? The “Inbox” is a dumping ground for other people’s priorities. When you check email first – you are giving away your very best time.

Consider this instead. Before you even get out of bed, give thanks to God for the day, for your rest, and for the focus to have a great day. Then grab some water, 8-10 ounces and have a long drink, refreshing your body. You can have this ready from the night before. This all happens in the first 2 minutes after you open your eyes. 

Sit on the side of your bed and breathe in gratitude and breathe out frustration. Resist coffee, for now, and grab your bible instead. Read a Psalm or another encouraging scripture like Isaiah 41:10-13. It is a boost to your spirit to know that God has your back! 

By doing this step you are acknowledging the power of rituals to frame your day and jumpstart your morning.

Include morning rituals that set up your day.

right after these simple rituals or gratitude to God, fresh water and a bible scripture you can indulge in a power hour or half hour. This is a combination or prayer and exercise. By revving up your body you overcome any loss in motivation as you begin your day.

Now you are ready for coffee, a shower and the other routines that get you ready for what’s next.  

The average person has around 25,000 mornings in their work life (average lifespan 80, begin counting at 18 years). Believe it or not making these simple changes can make the difference in your ability to be productive (and happy). Most people have gotten into the habit of rushing because of a unchecked and chronic stress response. The stress reaction becomes normal so that before long, rushing is normal.

Speeding up never helps you catch up.  I hope you will implement these tips and work toward getting control of the most important part of your day.

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