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The 5 Levels of Resilience as a Leader

The 5 Levels of Resilience as a Leader

Activating your resilience as a leader is beneficial in improving your performance and overall satisfaction with the progress you have made. Resilience is being able to bounce back and continue despite failure, mistakes, or a negative impact of an event. Leaders, professionals, and high achievers all have resilience in common; they never let obstacles and challenges get in the way of their goals and overall success. You can do the same with the 5 levels of resilience.

Dr. Howard developed the resilience pyramid after working with hundreds of high achievers and discovering a successful path through the stressful events.

#1 Flow

At the top of the pyramid is flow, this has to do with how well you manage your  attention.  And attention is one of your most important assets, because when you can focus, you can achieve anything!

#2 Influence

On the level of connection, you will have the capacity to empower others.  By this level, you should already know how to set boundaries and manage your emotions and energy levels, so you know what your capacity is.  Inspire others to be the best they can be, but also remind them that their boundaries are important in avoiding loss of motivation and burnout.

#3 Mindset

At this level, focus on your thinking. Are you in doom and gloom that comes from an active stress reaction or do you see possibilities? With resilient thinking, you are able to notice and stop your energy drains; you won’t overthink, or be distracted.  

#4 Stress Tolerance

This is a basic level of the pyramid and helps to secure your base. Are you self-aware? Do you know what your stress triggers are and do you manage them? Being able to manage those stress triggers keeps you able to focus on what is important. 

#5 Master Your Energy

Mastering your energy requires diving into your habits and overall lifestyle to see what is and isn’t benefiting you. Are the choices you make supporting the energy levels needed for you to complete projects and goals? To begin mastering your energy, start with the basic habits you need to have in place like drinking water, eating foods that fit your lifestyle in a healthy way, exercising, and getting the correct amount of sleep. This is the foundation of resilience and the level of the pyramid that supports the others.
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