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5 Things Resilient Leaders Do Differently

5 Things Resilient Leaders Do Differently

Now more than ever, organizations need strong leadership in order to move forward. Here we list 5 things that resilient leaders do differently that contributes to their success in being able to meet and exceed their goals.

#1 Able to Recognize Leaks in Energy

Energy is something that can run out quickly when not used wisely. In our fast paced world, we have so many benefits that can make things go by quicker like delivery systems, airports, and even cell phones. But that also means people have to keep up with the increasing pace. Without time management and self awareness, it can be difficult to sustain the energy needed to get through the day. Someone who is resilient is able to recognize when they should slow down, when they need to take a step back and reflect, and when they need to adjust their situation.

#2 Giving Up is NOT an Option

There are going to be times where you feel down or keep running into unexpected obstacles. However, that doesn’t mean you give up. Stress and pressure are not things that get to someone who is resilient. They are things that get resolved, so they can move forward. When someone is in a constant state of busyness and becomes overwhelmed, continuing to work without a resolution will only make matters worse and lead to burnout. So take a step back, find a solution to the problems, and continue on with your plan to success.

#3 Manage Your Emotions and Reactions

Not only is managing your emotions and being aware of your reactions a good leadership skill, but it is also a sign of someone who is a resilient leader. Having self awareness about how you respond to a situation can improve the outcome. For instance, someone who responds in a positive way to a devastating event like not getting a client or promotion will have more opportunities coming their way than someone who reacts negatively and decreases their chances for the next opportunity that presents itself.

#4 Have High Standards for Yourself

Pushing yourself past your limit but not your breaking point is a difficult thing to gauge, but not impossible. It’s important to have standards for yourself because that means you are willing to work towards a life that benefits you most, and you are willing to put in the time to learn and grow to make things happen. When doing so, it is important to be aware of your capacity because you do not want to burn yourself out in the process.

#5 Learn From Mistakes and Failure

Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s what you do after making a mistake that matters. Those with a resilient mindset are aware that although the mistake may be a setback, it is also a learning experience that will help them in the future. In instances where someone is faced with a challenge, they aren’t afraid of the risk, but ready for the opportunities that will come from uncertainty.

During trying times, leaders who can effectively manage their energy and emotions are key to ensuring that an organization continues to thrive. Our resilience training can help your leaders get back on track so that they can support their teams in meeting their goals. Reach out to us for a complimentary strategy session and learn more.


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