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Breathe Deliberately When Stressed

Breathe Deliberately When Stressed

Breathing is your number one defense against the stress reaction.  Practice the technique below and break away from the debilitating impact of the stress reaction and breathe deliberately

When stressed, breathing changes to accommodate the flight or fight reaction; breath becomes more shallow and the acid build-up is not released. 

What Will You Gain From This Practice



Using this practice regularly will reset the destructive nature of the stress reaction and make it easier to get out of the vicious cycle.


The depleting emotions of irritation, annoyance, frustration that trips the stress reaction cause you to focus on the wrong things.


When you are  distracted by the false sense of urgency from the stress reaction, it is difficult to be clear. Messages are often muddled.


Think about how you feel when stressed and when calm. You show up more credible and powerful when calm. Use this technique to power up your presence.


This breathing technique  is your body’s switch to a calm state of being. It is the beginning of a powerful practice to stop the energy leaks from those depleting emotions of annoyance, resentment, irritation, frustration.

This works when you use it. You are breathing anyway. Breathe with purpose!

  1. On a count of 5, inhale more slowly and deeply and exhale, long and slow. 
  2. Continue to breathe in and out, slowly and deeply, focusing on your breath. This slows your mind.
  3. Continue to breathe like this, for 15 seconds, increasing to 30 seconds, ignoring thoughts that may intrude into your mind.

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