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Challenge: Coaching Staff as a Manager

Challenge: Coaching Staff as a Manager

Challenge: The department head for the section of the company Jon (not his real name) works in, just declared that all managers have to start a coaching plan for their people.

Jon is not comfortable in this role and not sure how to go about this.

Background: The Regional Director recognized that the deadlines were inconsistent and people were not addressing their challenges in a positive way. She wanted the managers to coach and train their staff for better consistency. Because she traveled she was not available to train the managers. She hired Work Smart Consulting to implement their Coach For Performance system.

Plan the Approach

We provided the managers with a template driven system to meet with employees and operate from a set of goal driven conversations. This helped ease Jon’s anxiety over having to create something on his own.

In the Network

We brought the managers into our exclusive online network where they could ask questions in a private forum. And we provided a group for employees where the managers and our coaches could interact.

All the templates such as the Goal worksheets were accessible in this network making it convenient to find the information when it was needed. Both managers and staff had their own workbook laying out a roadmap for what to expect.


This was a smooth transition into coaching with both staff and managers guided along the way. Managers learned to be more comfortable with the type of conversations held in coaching sessions and learned how to give feedback that was more readily accepted by their staff.

Leadership Development: Problem Solving & Continuous Improvement

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