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Ei at Work: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is highly desirable set of skills for leaders. It is a set of skills you can learn!

Ei is one of the most highly desired traits in leaders. Being able to manage one’s emotions and those in others increases agility and impact in leaders.

Emotional intelligence (Ei) is the antidote to stress and impacts your work life and your professional success, much more than education, personality and position. Every workplace has its own culture with expectations and standards for performance. Ei is what helps you navigate these demands along with the variety of people with unique personalities, moods and experiences.

Ei is a Set of Skills You Learn

Ei is more than managing emotions, it is a set of skills that dictates perspective, decision making, relationships, communication to name a few of the areas it will influence. While learning to manage one’s emotions and those of other people is part of Ei, what makes Ei so important is that it will help you consistently achieve your goals because you are less likely to be derailed by circumstances your internal distractions.

In this course you learn about the dimensions of Ei and have a workbook and video to explain the skill. There are 11 videos (4 hours total)highlighting the micro-skills that make up emotional intelligence. It includes a detailed course guide.

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Dr. Cynthia

CEO | Founder of The Work Smart Club | Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Committed to unlocking potential and purpose to transform the workplace through inspired leadership!

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