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Manage Conflict at Work

Your ability to successfully manage conflict will open doors for more opportunities and promotion. Conflict management is a necessary skill for effective leaders.

Conflict happens. It is a dynamic in any relationship. Conflict can cost you time, energy, and momentum when conflict is not resolved.


Learn to manage conflict and achieve your goals.


  1. Understand what conflict is and your responsibility toward it.
  2. Learn the steps to a healthy response in conflict.
  3. Set up your Personal Action Plan to move out of your comfort zone and adopt healthy interaction when conflict occurs.

This course describes the 3 steps that take you from conflict to resolution. You will explore the myths and truths about conflict resolution and examine the personal biases that influence your effectiveness in managing conflict.

Personal Action Plan

This plan is your commitment to your future. You will set up a plan to overcome those blocks and succeed in handling difficult situations at work.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Modules
  • 1 Topic