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Momentum: 100 Day Performance Plan

Momentum is an understated element in effective change. Leaders need to manage momentum; here is a 100-day map to sustain an energizing pace of change. 


To manage momentum using a 100-day map.

As a result of this course, you will:

  • Create and execute a team charter.
  • Develop a 100-day roadmap.
  • Celebrate success.

Raising performance standards and moving the needle forward is challenging for leaders. Too often, leaders get stuck in the cycle of putting out fires and never getting to what is most important.

It is Time to Manage Momentum

Most leaders do not realize that the entire agenda can take a back seat when forward motion is blocked by distraction, interruption, unresolved conflict, lack of clarity, and a host of other things. If your agenda is stalled and you want to engage your people, the 100-Day map is a great vehicle to focus your efforts.

Progress does not happen auto-magically. It requires a plan and execution of that plan. Using the tools in this 100-day roadmap will take your execution skills up a notch.

100-Day Plan

Momentum can be difficult to understand. We start the course with an explanation and 5 super tips to get it going. We continue through a 100 day plan with the deliverables for each phase. This includes the Charter, analysis, and problem-solving.


We include bonus modules on setting up Team Charters, doing a professional SWOT, and analyzing problems.

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