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High Performing Teams

Move your group to a cohesive group bound by a common goal and purpose. Get the tools in this course.

Teams are the core of high performance. Not all work groups are teams. Is there really a difference?

Team or Work Group?

The word – team – is often used, but it really is describing a work group and not a team. Work groups become teams when they come together around a unified goal along with the following characteristics:

  • Well-defined roles and responsibilities
  • Ability to leverage conflict into helpful discussion and debate
  • Healthy communication
  • Ability to handle tension between status quo and change
  • Ability to have fun
  • Care about each other

High performing teams are at the core of consistent success. To build a high performing team requires a strategy.

Learn to advance your group’s ability to be cohesive and work together despite differences and challenges. Included are activities to warm up, build curiosity, problem solve and implement.

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Course Includes

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