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EP 01: The Power of Purpose

EP 01: The Power of Purpose

During these past two years of change and uncertainty, many of us went into survival mode and got caught up in the daily grind. Can you even remember the last time you felt inspired?

Well, it’s time for you to wake up and get back to living and working with inspiration, and we’re here to help you. The goal of the Work Smart Club podcast is to get you in touch with your purpose, shake up your perspective, and offer you new ways to do things. It’s time to get you out of survival mode and in control of your thoughts and your vision once more.

Tune in and join our community of inspired impact-driven leaders just like yourself who want more success, time, and satisfaction, and still want to change the world! We have the roadmap to navigate these tumultuous times and together we will seize the opportunities that, alone, are hard to see.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcome to the Work Smart Club podcast!
  • What purpose is and how the past two years have affected our sense of purpose.
  • How vision and purpose act as our greatest motivators.
  • The goal of the Work Smart Club podcast: to help you get in touch with your purpose.
  • Cynthia Howard shares her background and her motivation for creating the podcast.
  • What is required from you in order to break through your ceilings and live a life of purpose.
  • The danger of not having a vision and getting caught up in the daily grind.
  • The power of our thoughts!
  • The value of community, and the community that Cynthia intends to build with this podcast.
  • What to expect in future episodes.
  • What you will gain from listening to the podcast and joining the Work Smart Club.



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