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EP 02: Creating Your Personal Vision Statement

EP 02: Creating Your Personal Vision Statement

If you want this year to be better than the last, and you want to get unstuck but don’t know where to start, then lean in and listen up! In this episode, we walk you through the three-step process to creating your personal vision statement so you can consistently meet your goals and achieve the success you desire.

We break down how to identify your strengths (not your weaknesses!), choose your guiding values, and pick a focus area. You’ll also discover why it’s important to have goals for everything that you do and how building in daily strategies will solidify your vision statement.

You’ll learn how to create a vision board, find out why they’re so effective, and discover the immense power of visualization.

The time is now to reclaim your life and your fire, and take action to reach your dreams and live a life of inspiration and fulfillment. Tune in for the formula that will get you back on track and change your life for the better!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The dire consequences of distractions.
  • Why it’s critical to write down your goals!
  • Today’s focus: getting unstuck and creating your vision statement.
  • Why you need a vision statement.
  • Cynthia shares vision statement samples.
  • The three steps of writing a mission statement: identify your strengths, choose your guiding values, pick a focus area.
  • Why you need to lead with your strengths, not your weaknesses.
  • How to identify your strengths.
  • How people fall into learned behaviors.
  • Why it’s important to have goals for everything that you do.
  • How failing to identify your values can lead to conflict.
  • What falls under the category of ‘values’.
  • Three questions to ask yourself to clarify your values.
  • Why resolutions typically don’t work.
  • What a vision statement is, exactly.
  • The recommended time frame for your vision statement, milestones, goals, and strategies.
  • The importance of concreting your vision statement with daily strategies.
  • What a vision board is, how to make one, and why they’re so effective.
  • How to combine your daily review with your vision journal.
  • The power of visualization.

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