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EP 10: Do you Have a Leadership Brand? Here are the steps

EP 10: Do you Have a Leadership Brand? Here are the steps

Have you heard about a personal brand, but didn’t pay attention because you didn’t think it mattered to you? Do you wonder why some people get ahead faster and quicker, and what secret you may be missing that is helping them achieve this? Well, this episode is for you!

Today, we break down the three elements of an inspired leadership brand and discuss why it’s so important for all of us, not just influencers or companies.

Tuning in you’ll hear the five reasons why a leadership brand is so important if you want to get ahead and how to develop your brand by focusing on your identity, audience, and the results you want to achieve.

You’ll also hear how your strengths, values, experience, and personality play into your personal leadership brand. If you want to get ahead, get that promotion, or fast-track your career path, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What a brand is and why it’s important.
  • Why a leadership brand is necessary if you want to get ahead.
  • Five reasons why a brand is important: fulfilment, differentiation, consistency, impact and influence, and authenticity. 
  • Three elements to help you develop your own leadership brand starting with your identity.
  • Why you should focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.
  • How to identify your strengths and a strength profile assessment that you can do.
  • The important role of your values as part of your identity. 
  • Your experience as a part of your identity.
  • Personality and leveraging your quirks to your benefit.
  • The second element of identifying your personal leadership brand: figuring out who your audience is.
  • The third element of identifying your personal leadership brand: the results you want to achieve or the problem you want to solve. 
  • Some of the pitfalls that people encounter when trying to develop their personal leadership brand. 
  • How the Work Smart Club can help you identify your personal leadership brand and achieve success. 

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