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EP 16: Staying Too Long With a Passive-Aggressive Boss

EP 16: Staying Too Long With a Passive-Aggressive Boss

Have you got a boss that does not yell but is aggressive in other ways? Do you dread meeting your boss? Does your boss ignore you, or is excessively critical? Are you unhappy in your workplace and feel despondent? Then today’s episode is for you!

We all have to deal with terrible bosses at some point during our careers but staying in that situation is unhealthy. Staying can affect your confidence and contribution to your job. Therefore, finding ways to deal with passive-aggressive leadership or workplaces is essential to your success.

In today’s show, we talk about passive-aggressive bosses and how they create unhealthy workplaces. We learn about what the differences are between passive-aggression and aggression, ways in which passive-aggressive leadership manifests, the common character traits that ‘bully bosses’ share, advice for dealing with passive-aggressive leadership, why staying in an unhealthy workplace is a bad idea, what it takes to create a healthy workplace, and much more! Tune in today to hear solutions to your boss problems with Cynthia Howard!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The difference between passive aggression and actual aggression.
  • Examples of how aggression and passive-aggression can manifest in the workplace.
  • How leaders can be passive-aggressive in a team or workplace.
  • Cynthia shares an experience she had working with a passive aggressive-leader.
  • The impact that passive-aggressive leaders have on employees and team members.
  • Advice for dealing with passive-aggressive people in the workplace.
  • Character traits that passive-aggressive leaders have in common. 
  • Ways in which ‘bully bosses’ can hide their behavior and avoid repercussions. 
  • An outline of the signals that the team is being run by passive-aggressive leadership.
  • The financial costs associated with passive-aggressive leadership or ‘bully’ culture.
  • What it takes to create a positive workplace culture and a good leader.
  • Some shocking data on stress, anxiety, and burnout occurring in the workplace.
  • How there have been small changes to workplace culture.
  • Using data to identify problems and create a healthier workplace.
  • The foundation of creating a healthy workplace: creating trust.
  • Why staying in an unhealthy workplace is not the right thing to do.
  • The opportunities to grow for both the employee and the passive-aggressive boss.

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