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EP 23: Persistence: What Is It And When Do You Pivot?

EP 23: Persistence: What Is It And When Do You Pivot?

Welcome back to another episode of the Work Smart Club. The idea of persistence is often mixed up with tenacity.

Today we explore why persistence and tenacity are different, why persistence and optimism should be core competencies, the dangers of pessimism, and the importance of focus and incubating your thoughts. We also look at some examples of persistence in organizations; including Kelly Johnson’s famous project.

Lastly, we talk about how to know when to pivot, the importance of feedback and planning, and why progress is one of our biggest motivators. Join us today to learn about when to persist and when to pivot!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • What we think of when we hear the word ‘persistence.’ 
  • How you know when to pivot/do something else. 
  • Why persistence is not tenacity. 
  • Why learning is persistence and why not learning from mistakes is tenacity, not persistence. 
  • We share a story about persistence and compare how two hotels handled their problems.
  • Why persistence and optimism need to be core competencies.
  • Why pessimism doesn’t generate success because it doesn’t allow for persistence. 
  • The importance of incubating your thoughts. 
  • An example of persistence and focus as displayed by Kelly Johnson.
  • Knowing when to quit and when to pivot. 
  • The importance of the feedback you get during projects. 
  • Why persistence is enhanced by feedback and planning.
  • Why progress is one of our biggest motivators. 

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