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EP 25: From Expert to Leader: It is an Inside Job

EP 25: From Expert to Leader: It is an Inside Job

We’re back with the Work Smart Club and, today, we are sticking with last week’s theme of progressing into a new role with a new emphasis on transitioning from an expert to a leader.

Becoming a leader requires a unique set of skills and a common misconception is that, as a leader, you can always do things your way. We discuss how leaders need to learn how to actively listen, why they must set the stage for others to shine, and why training for mid-level leaders is essential, as well as why it’s important to understand that the change starts with you.

Seeing negative experiences as adventures can help unlock your true potential, and we learn that making the transition into a leader is a matter of changing your mindset.

Your host lays down some practical advice for progressing from expert to leader, plus some tips for finding your courage, being in control of yourself before leading others, listening more and reacting less, and being comfortable with the unknown.

For more on how embracing uncertainty can help you to build trust with your team, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The transition from expert to leader as an inside job. 
  • How leadership is a combination of a unique set of skills. 
  • The misconception of getting to do things your way as a leader. 
  • Why experts need to know how to ask questions and leaders need to learn how to listen.
  • Leaders setting the stage and preparing the way for others to shine. 
  • Why training and coaching for mid-level managers is essential. 
  • Understanding that the change starts within you. 
  • Seeing negative experiences as adventures, not setbacks, to help unlock your potential. 
  • Transitioning into a leader as a matter of changing your mindset. 
  • Practical advice for progressing from expert to leader. 
  • Getting out of your comfort zone and finding your courage.
  • How a leader needs to be in control of themselves before asking people to follow them.
  • Why a leader should listen more, react less, and set goals for mutual understanding.
  • The importance of being comfortable with change, obstacles, and not knowing everything. 
  • Building trust with your team by embracing uncertainty. 

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