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EP 29: How Leaders Build Resilience in This Tumultuous Climate

EP 29: How Leaders Build Resilience in This Tumultuous Climate

Welcome back to the Work Smart Club, we’re thrilled to have you with us! Today, we will be discussing how to be a resilient leader in order to coach your team effectively.

We talk about how being in survival mode has forced us to approach work differently and how some leaders are ignoring what leadership is actually about.

People need to be inspired, not managed, and cultivating resilience can motivate people to achieve their best. Leaders need to establish an overriding goal, and this could be a way of activating the forward-focused mindset that is resilience.

You’ll hear all about the Work Smart Club Network’s Resilience Course and why you, as a leader, need to manage your energy, awareness, mindset, relationships, and flow.

If you work on it every single day, you will build in yourself a resilience that will allow you to stay focused, even in times of heightened confusion. We can’t wait for you to tune in and learn with us today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s topic: resilient leadership.
  • What it means to be in survival mode. 
  • Why there is a need for us to work differently.
  • How leadership theories hold people back from thinking about what leadership actually is. 
  • Why building relationships is an intrinsic characteristic of good leadership. 
  • What leaders are supposed to be doing versus what they actually do. 
  • The difference between managing people and managing processes/problems. 
  • How resilience can be cultivated and used to inspire people. 
  • Resilience as a forward-focused mindset. 
  • Why a leader needs to establish a higher purpose and singular goal, and how this activates resilience.
  • The Work Smart Club Network’s Resilience Course and the five-level resilience pyramid.  
  • Managing your energy, awareness, mindset, relationships, and flow. 
  • Resilience as a strategy that needs to be worked on constantly. 
  • Slowing down our internal dialogue in order to be more effective. 
  • How resilience allows us to stay focused amidst confusion. 

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