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EP 30: How Can Leaders Improve Their Team’s Relationships at Work

EP 30: How Can Leaders Improve Their Team's Relationships at Work

One of the defining characteristics of the era in which we currently find ourselves is increased worry, sadness, and loneliness.

This trend was already appearing before the arrival of the pandemic but was undoubtedly enhanced by the move to a remote landscape and a general loss of human connection at work and beyond.

We have seen a rise in dissatisfaction in the workplace, signified most starkly by the great resignation, and this has shown up in all levels of leadership and employment.

The sad truth is that unhappy people perform very differently from satisfied employees, and lowered optimism and confidence can drastically damage the health and success of any professional environment.

So what are we to do to tackle this emotional component of our workplaces? In today’s episode, listeners will get a number of pointers for bolstering the emotional state of a team, and some practical and simple solutions for this fundamental problem. It is important to remember that leaders can only be as influential as the trust they have built and that nurturing commitment between team members can have a huge impact in the long run.

Tune in to hear what you can do today to make a difference!

Key Points From This Episode:

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