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EP 31: How To Build Grit and Tenacity in Your Team

EP 31: How To Build Grit and Tenacity in Your Team

How can you lead a company if your employees are constantly positioned with one foot in and one foot out? How can grit help you to fortify yourself as a leader?

On this episode of Work Smart Club, Dr. Cynthia Howard shares strategies aimed at building grit and tenacity in your teams. We talk about the dilution of vision and how leading without vision can impact the outcomes you are working towards.

Listeners will hear about the relationship between grit and flow and how grit can enhance your ability to focus. Dr. Howard also discusses why we should be working towards building a continuously learning culture rather than a constantly upgrading culture where we throw out what doesn’t work and trade in for the newer model.

Let’s focus on building cultures and employees with grit and tenacity so that leaders and teams can find success! Don’t miss out, tune in now!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Grit and Flow are similar but different.
  • How building grit and tenacity in your team will help you [as a leader].
  • A short story on the impact of having grit as a characteristic.
  • How grit is the muscle that makes courage work.
  • Research on grit; characteristics and skills associated with having grit.
  • Grit and hiring: consider rethinking grit when hiring employees.
  • The relationship between flow and grit.
  • How grit can help with focus and ultimately satisfaction.
  • Why, as leaders, we need to stop letting outside influence dilute our vision.
  • Understanding what vision is.
  • Why failure doesn’t mean you should stop.
  • A note to leaders!
  • The intention behind having grit.
  • How to unify around one purpose.
  • Four questions to understand your employees’ experience at work.
  • Why you need to let your team figure out how to solve their own problems.
  • The importance of holding regular debriefs with your teams.
  • What review processes should and should not look like during your debriefing sessions.
  • How support can help build grit.

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