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Get Into the Moment. Develop Mindful Attention

Get Into the Moment. Develop Mindful Attention

Our minds are amazing engines that are constantly working. Without us even realizing it, we take in everything going on and store memories, draw conclusions and establish patterns that become our default way of reacting.

Because all of this is happening outside our conscious awareness, learning to engage mindful attention (mindfulness) can be helpful, personally, and professionally. We live, lead and work with information overload, this sets us up for increased stress, distraction, and irritability. Here are simple steps you can take to lessen that stress and increase attentiveness.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is more than being aware of your surroundings and the events unfolding around you; it’s about taking in the moment. Do you know how long an average moment lasts?

…3 seconds!

If you are ever in a rush or constantly on the move, it can begin to put a strain on your energy. Take those 3 seconds and really focus on the moment. By doing so, you are giving your brain enough time to take in everything around you without that feeling of being rushed.

Being mindful is a leadership skill that will increase your situational awareness, increasing your ability to make good decisions. When your thinking slows down and you can take in the moment, you are able to focus on what really matters rather than be hijacked by the pressure of the situation.

Mindfulness Improves Organization

Organization, organization, organization! With so much information and the accelerated demands, being organized is critical! This month we are talking about managing your time and energy to stay organized and practicing mindfulness is one of the tips that helps you focus.  An added bonus is when your daily tasks are organized, you are leaving room for the creative part of your mind to take over. The part where ideas are created, and innovation happens!

Would you like to have a strategy to manage all the information that is important along with the jobs that need to get done without burning out? Check out the Mindful Leader course in the Work Smart Club Library.

We provide consumable content, access to virtual coaching and a library of tools and resources that will boost your leadership.  Click below and discover the Work Smart Club – your online center for work and well-being.

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