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Learn to APOLOGIZE Effectively!

No one is perfect and we all disappoint people from time to time. In this short course you will learn the 4 steps to an effective apology.

Nurture Trust. Strengthen Your Relationships.

Conflict and a breakdown of trust can happen with the wrong kind of apology, or worse, a non-apology. Demands at work accelerate and people speed up to try and catch up. Taking a moment to acknowledge someone’s reaction may seem like a luxury when there is always more to do. Yet, it is this ability to acknowledge one’s mistakes that can bring a relationship back from the brink of disaster.

Most people do not realize there is an ideal way to apologize and either do not offer one or offer something that gets dismissed because of a lack of sincerity.  

Inside this resource, you will learn the 4 proven steps to an effective apology and how to avoid the most common mistakes in providing a meaningful apology.  

You will learn:

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What's Included in this Resource

BONUS #1:  How to handle receiving an apology even when you continue to be upset.

BONUS #2: One month membership in premier network with live coaching and additional resources. (Value $99.)

Apologies are awkward. I never knew what to say so I did not tke it serious. This 4 step process makes sense. It is easy to implement.
Beatrice R.
Manager, Fiscal Operations