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Build your momentum in 100 days…

Momentum is what drives progress.

It has to be protected from distraction and the noise in the workplace that threatens to stop it. This book gives leaders a 100-day roadmap to transform your culture into a high-performance engine.

100 Day Plan to A High Performance Culture

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Incremental change is the best way to manage change. The 100 day plan measures timelines and milestones for review and revision. This book and course walk you through a 100 day roadmap with 10 specific milestones outlining the important activities to successfully accomplish your goals.

This serves as a template so you can accomplish your goals CONSISTENTLY!

Momentum is our Approach to Consistency

High performance does not happen by accident. Companies that achieve consistent success have systems and processes that they review and revise so they can continually improve.

Some people might think this sounds like more work. It is only true for the initial set up and once you have this template it becomes easier for you and your team to follow through.

Momentum 100 Day Plan to High Performance

The book is accompanied by a course on the Work Smart Club Network to support this application.

Work Smart Club & Network is an online library and network to learn and discuss one’s challenges. It includes courses to build skills along with live events to get questions answered. It is dedicated to leaders’ success.

Book $12.95


What’s Included in the Course

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Momentum 100 Day Plan to High Performance

  • 4x6, 72 page Book

  • 17 modules with video taking you through each step

    1. What is Momentum?
    •   Daily Progress Checklist for Leaders

    2. Introduction to Culture

    3. 100 Day Map

    4. Preparation: Team Charter

    5. Baseline: 0-10 Days

    • Collecting Data (3 approaches)

    6. Problems: 11-20 Days

    •  SWOT
    •  Constructing a FISHBONE

    7. The Plan: 21-50 Days

    • A3 Thinking

    8. Control Phase: 51-70 Days

    •   Mindset Shift for High Performance

    9. Updates: 71-90 Days

    10. Celebrate: 91-95 Days

    11. Next 100 Days: 96-100 Days 

  • Beautiful Journal

  • Network Access for live Q&A and coaching


Meet your Executive Coach

Dr. Cynthia Howard

Dr. Cynthia Howard wants to work with your leaders, through this Club, to help you advance your agenda and achieve consistent success. 

Executive Coach

Having worked with literally thousands of leaders and professionals, you have the benefit of this experience.

Beginning her career in healthcare as a Registered Nurse, Nurse Manager, and Director, Cynthia has built leadership pipelines, developed high performing teams, and helped leaders develop their authentic leadership brand.

Advanced degrees in psychology, researching stress & change. Specialty  is resilient leadership & breaking through barriers.

Dr. Cynthia Howard

Executive Coach | Performance Expert

Performance Expert

Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and experience planning and managing change gives you the benefit of problem solving skills not usually available to leaders, in this format.

In our 1:1, group sessions, you will bring your specific challenges and come away with innovative ideas and a roadmap that will achieve your outcomes while helping you look like a genius! 

You have the benefit of tremendous expertise and the synergy from group members to solve performance issues along with premium online training.

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