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Leaders Burnout in 18 months ...

When you are overwhelmed - you cannot show up strong! Don't compromise your potential because of unchecked pressure and demands.

Resilient Leader Toolkit: Resources, Coaching, Support

Too Much Stress & Pressure Has Consequences!



The RESILIENT LEADER TOOLKIT has everything you need to transform stress and activate your resilience. In 15 minutes a day you will increase focus, transform your reaction to pressure and move forward with day-to-day life as well as in your career. Road map, videos, workbook and proven strategies to increase your focus and decrease the feelings of overwhelm, fatigue and stress.


Transform Your Mindset

Mindset drives perspective. When stress limits how you think, it also limits how you think about you. A resilient mindset is optimistic, flexible and able to adapt – these are must have skills in today’s world.

Reboot Your Attention

Distraction is the new normal; it takes more time and effort to get work done. We equip you to reboot your attention and maintain focus. The tools are easily integrated into your everyday activities. 

Re-Energize. Refresh.

Remember why you wanted to lead… With the right tools and strategy you will  reconnect to your passion and purpose. Be the leader you want to be and energize your future with promotion!

Value over $1100

You will:

  1. Increase your agility and effectiveness through confidence and clarity in your skills and leadership brand.
  2. Learn to leverage emotions to manage change and bring out the best in people.  
  3. Develop authentic confidence for greater influence and impact.

Each module or topic comes with a short video (15 minutes or less) along with exercises to support that piece of content. Information also expanded in book and Study Guide. The self-assessments (Quizzes) are powerful tools to help you gauge where you are. You are provided tips to move you ahead. The private network is available for questions and further discussion.


(Introduction, learning about a coachable mindset)

Why Leaders Need Resilience

1 Topic: Setting up your Personal Dashboard

Face the Elephants

1 Quiz: Are you a Perfectionist?

3 Mindset Shifts
[Card Deck]

1 Topic: Thinking Bias [Card Deck]

Habits: For Better or Worse?

2 Topics: Habit Tracker & Daily Review [2 Power tools for consistent progress]

Common Energy Drains at Work

1 Topic: The Value of Your Time

Optimism (Your Untapped Resource)

1 Topic: Fatal Emotions

Resilient Thinking

1 Topic| 1 Quiz Audio to Reboot Your Attention, Self-Assessment: Resilient Thinking

RL Action Plan: Plan Your Next 100 Days

Mindset Journal Mock up

Mindset Journal

This journal prompts reflection on important issues to unlock your creative genius. Learn to think differently!

Resilient Leader Study Guide

53 pages, following the modules in the course. Thoughtful questions to help you make the mindset shift.

Card Deck

Great tool to learn about thinking biases that distort decision and perspective.

Guides & Templates

Every module has checklists and guides making it easy for you to apply these strategies.

Habit Tracker

5×7 pad, checklist to help you build new habits for greater focus and satisfaction.


beautiful red leather like journal and pen, lined paper, ribbon and envelope in back to save cards or notes. Capture your thoughts and ideas and see how journaling can transform perspective.

Access to The Work Smart Club, our exclusive network, for your 6 weeks of coaching sessions.

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Energize your future.

This program will transform how you see yourself and how you respond to stress. The value of this program is amazing.


This program is easily valued at over $1100.
We have a special offer: 

$1100   $499

(1 x payment)

If you want to hold this training with your leadership team, click here for a complimentary call with Dr. Cynthia Howard.

Meet Your Executive Coach

CEO, Work Smart Consulting

Cynthia Howard RN PHD LSSBB

Executive Coach | Specializing in High Performance Teams & Leadership

Dr. Cynthia Howard has worked with scores of leaders and professionals and recognized the unique challenges leaders have in managing and engaging their teams. Laser focused on results, Dr. Howard expands potential and perspective of leaders and their teams.

Black Belt Lean Sigma, CSM, Certified Scrum Master, Fellow in AIS, Licensed Trainer & Provider Heartmath.

Expert on Forbes Council, Executive Coach volunteer for Sykes School of Business, University of Tampa.


Absolutely. While it is ideal to learn new strategies when you are relaxed, this program includes a Bonus course, The Resilience Toolkit, that offers proven techniques to use in the moment to transform the stress reaction.

The group discussion will provide you with a support network that will buffer the impact of the stress.

We got you!

Resilience is a set of skills that one learns to not just transform the stress reaction, but to increase your capacity to function in the midst of change and uncertainty.

Resilience is one of those ‘skill sets’ that does not get taught enough, but in today distraction filled world, is absolutely necessary to thrive!

Group coaching is held on Zoom for 60-90 minutes. Participants have the ability to discuss their challenges, ask questions, learn from each other and have input from Dr. Cynthia Howard or the Work Smart Coach.

The Work Smart Club is our exclusive app giving you access to groups and discussions. You can choose how you are notified. This convenient feature of the Work Smart Club Library helps you learn on the go while receiving support and answers to your specific questions.

You have a 4 month access to the courses and the app. We do have the “Next Steps” for you once this program concludes.

Yes. This is a fantastic program to be provided during a retreat or for a specified period of  coaching. Schedule a Strategy Call with Dr. Cynthia Howard to discuss more details.