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5 Personal Productivity Habits

5 Personal Productivity Habits

Being productive requires a commitment to being excellent. It is a process and requires some trial and error as you find the right apps, the correct flow, and the right strategies that work best with your workplace and lifestyle.

This short blog will provide 5 standard steps everyone needs to get more done. Being productive feels good, and it is one of the TOP motivators for humans!

Here are the 5 steps to increased productivity:

  1. Write it down.
  2. Clarify.
  3. Organize.
  4. Reflect.
  5. Review.

Let’s review each of the 5 steps in more detail.

Write it down

Keeping lists is a helpful tip to keep your mind focused. Expanding that list to something more detailed like A3 thinking, Kanban, and using the Priority Matrix will massively improve your productivity because you not only have the list of what to do, but who does it, in what timeframe, and what to do when that plan fails.


The first step is to clarify the task and the desired outcome. Without clarity, people do not get started on the task or lose interest.


Keep your tasks and information organized; demands have accelerated at work, and there is little time to search for the needed tools or information.


This is something many people overlook to save time. And yet, without reflecting on what has happened and checking in with your calendar or team members, you will probably have to do some things over.


Using a regular review process is how you build continuous learning. Are things going the way you want them to? If not, you would benefit from a constant learning process.

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