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Activity Tracker

Activity Tracker

Daily life can get busy quickly because of interruptions, distractions, other people’s emergencies, unplanned events – you name it!

Some people think if they are not busy, there must be a problem. Being active yet not knowing if this activity is purposeful and taking you to your goal will only drain your energy and waste time. Being busy should not be a goal in itself.

Taking on too much can be a problem with boundaries, being unable to say no, wanting to please everyone, and being disorganized. Before you think about the skills you need, use this worksheet and inventory your activities.

The worksheet below will take you through an elementary activity. Doing this is not time-consuming and will be helpful; in this age of information overload, people may be working hard yet not reaching their goals. This happens quickly under these conditions of accelerated work and too much information.

This “inventory” of your activity is a simple first step in learning to prioritize.

Use this worksheet to evaluate your activities. Are you busy with what is essential or bogged down with work you should be delegating?

1.) List your activities
2.) Explore the goal of that activity.
3.) Rate your energy.