CPI 260 Leadership Assessment & Course


The CPI 260 assessment gives leaders a baseline in 5 core competency areas: Self-Management, Organizational Capabilities, Team Building, Problem Solving, and Sustaining the Vision. Your 17-page assessment identifies your strengths, blind spots, and areas for professional development. The 16-module course enhances the report, so you get the most from it. The best part of this package is the group where you can ask questions! This is a great value!





Today, being a leader is increasingly complex, requiring an evolving toolbox of skills and attitudes to get ahead.

The five Core Performance Areas outlined in your 17-page report represent critical areas of managerial success. Each area builds on the next and ranges from the most basic level (Self-Management) to the highest level (Sustaining the Vision).

The CPI 260 course provides a solid foundation for the 5 core areas.

  1. Self-Management
  2. Organizational Capabilities
  3. Teams
  4. Problem-Solving
  5. Sustaining the Vision

The courses, with their 16 modules, review the sub-dimensions in each of the 5 core competencies. This is a comprehensive assessment and course. You come away armed with self-knowledge increasing your effectiveness as a leader.