Everyday Ei Bundle


Learn to apply the basics of emotional intelligence. A 132-page book providing practical tips to handle difficult conversations using a 4-step process. It is a great package for workgroups and small offices that need everyone to understand Ei. It makes an excellent gift for leaders who value healthy interaction.





We all have emotional intelligence, we need a reminder to engage it! This collection of resources makes a fantastic package for teams and small groups who want to build on their relationships.

The book, Everyday Emotional Intelligence is a practical guide to healthy communication at work. Learn to have meaningful interactions and quality conversations even when there is tension, conflict, and disagreement.

What’s Included:

  • 132-page book with practical, step-by-step guidance on difficult conversations
  • 30-piece card deck, 3×3 cards to quickly remind you of the elements of emotions and how to apply them in a healthy way
  • Emotions chart to help you navigate emotions and build your emotional vocabulary

This is a great product for teams who want to learn to have healthy communication and conversations.